Dina & Gregg Show (Ep 3.3) – Queen Dip

While learning of the fabulous options of dips that Dina Martinez prepared for Thanksgiving, we learn that she is the queen of dips while Gregg Potter is just Queen Dip!  He supports this when he shares his Thanksgiving dumpster diving story.  Oh Jesus, how does Dina put up with him?  Well the two of them honor World AIDS Day and also get into some great leaps forward for the transgender community.  Gregg brings up Punkin Chunkin and how going to the World Championship next year.  If we’re lucky, they will mistake Gregg’s head for a punkin.  A final sharing of Ty Pennington’s new show, Revolution on ABC with Tim Gunn and other makeover celebrities…. Which came from a conversation about ABC’s The Chew with Clinton Kelly and Carla Hall

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