I, Wilcox – Episode 2: The Trouble With Teddy

In this episode of I, Wilcox entitled “The Trouble with
Teddy”, host Nik Wilcox sits down in the Dign2it Radio Studio with
fellow comic Teddy Margas.  The two discuss all things Teddy.
Highlights from the interview include, what it’s like to be an up and
coming comic in Los Angeles today and how he got to where he is.  We
learn everything about Teddy from which is his favorite Golden Girl, to
his feelings on organized religion and whether or not there is life in
outer space.  Also, have you ever wondered how a couple of “out” gay
dudes feel about the Penn State and Syracuse scandal?  Tune into this
episode to find out.  But that’s not all.  There’s more! We discuss the
new Muppet movie and People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Bradley Cooper.  This
is a fun and candid episode, that is not to be missed.

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