Dina & Gregg Show (Ep. 3.4): French Toastcapades In Schlabernets

It’s depressing how much chaos we’ve been hearing that Gregg Potter has been causing In his bungalow in the back woods of Wisconsin, and by bungalow, we mean mobile home. This week we learn of the classy vehicle he has been driving as well as his new love of making French toast while being intoxicated. Somehow though, Dina Martinez gets Gregg from talking about himself and they actually talk about some real relevant issues. Hilary Clinton speaking at the UN, Rick Perry’s new campaign video and Taylor Lautner’s video that the podcast Feast of Fun presented on facebook. Well, do expect these two to discuss that many “hard hitting” issues? They do talk for a moment teen bullying because it has been back in the spotlight a bit. And Dina, who is Scott Fujita?

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