Dina & Gregg Show (Ep 3.5) – The Hour Long Argument

Sometimes siblings get into it once in a while and argue: Well this is not like that. For this show, we get a wonderful display of what happens when two people who really just don’t know what the other one is doing.

Between trying to discuss the Golden Globes, fighting for air time about their holiday plans or choosing a song for their breaks, they seem to miss each other by a mile.  Thank the heavens it makes for entertaining radio.  Somehow though they managed to mention Portlandia, the new movie “The Wedding Dance” that is being created by Elliot London, Friday the 13th the “The Devil Inside” and then of course, Dina announced her new husband, Tim Tebow.  Well if you would like to attend this monumental wedding, please RSVP by dialing 1-800-NotGonnaHappen.  Dina and Gregg have these fantasies that make us say, “WTF” but yet we always listen to the next show.


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