I, Wilcox – Ep. III: Straight To The Point with Chris Gross

In I, Wilcox  Episode III, “Straight to the Point with Chris Gross”, host and comedian, Nik Wilcox  interviews the funny and animated actor, Chris Gross. It’s a tale as old as time. Like East (Philly) meeting West (Hollywood).  Gay, Wilcox and straight, Gross come together to find out their worlds are not that far apart.

These contemporaries enjoy some coffee and cake while getting to know each other better and dishing about all the important and relevant issues of today.  No topic is off limit.  They speak frankly and “off the cuff” about politics, religion, racism  and the insipid Kardashian Klan.  Gross mostly dislikes all the cursing these Armenian hell-beasts spew forth.  Wilcox is his usual uncanny, irreverent and unabashed self while the gregarious Gross seems reserved in comparison. They discuss Catholicism, suburban angst, and seeing dad’s penis.  A secret recipe for chocolate pie is shared. SPOILER ALERT!  It’s poop!  All this and so much more on this new episode of I, Wilcox on Dign2it Radio.

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