LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep. 4 Ain’t No Party Like A Hell Party

You don’t wanna miss this hilarious episode with special guest, comedian and writer, Willis Turner.   He has LeeAnn and Dina rolling with laughter no matter the topic. 

Religion is a theme this episode as we discuss everything from The Bible to catchin’ the Holy Ghost to one church’s justification for tying up, blind-folding, and abducting a youth group.  And we get personal, too – Willis reveals his idea of hell and let’s just say it involves Angela Lansbury.  LeeAnn , Dina, and Willis talk about being Texans.  And Willis keeps us all laughing with stories about being mistaken for someone who lives in the park and his Dad’s “creative” Halloween costume ideas.  He also shares some interesting life experiences like performing for the troops in Afghanistan and delivering his child in the living room.

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