LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep. 5: Addicted to the Truth

In this episode, we get to know special guest, comedian and writer, Amy Dresner.  LeeAnn and Dina talk with Amy about her early influences, her creative process, and her desire to start a dialogue about mental illness, addiction, and other often difficult subjects.  Dresner discusses the importance of truth in her comedy and life and shares honestly about everything from her marriage to her experiences with drugs. 

LeeAnn and Dina discuss some interesting news items and as usual, the conversation inevitably leads to a discussion about bad parenting and the evils of Facebook.  We hear about Dresner’s view on Bikram yoga, her dying donkey laugh, and her propensity for creating pubic hair moustaches.  We discover a condition apparently known as Smoker’s Pussy.  Plus, we learn that there’s actual video out there of Amy Dresner not only wearing both a dress and a cardigan, but doing so while eating butter and winning an Emmy!  Tune in – you will be entertained!

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