LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep. 6: The Vagina Dialogues

In this episode, we get to know special guests and best friends Bobbie Oliver and Sally Mullins.  Bobbie is a very funny stand-up comedian, the founder of The Stand Up Academy at The Ice House, a show producer, and a writer.  Sally Mullins regularly hosts at the Comedy Store, Flappers, and The Ice House, and performs her hilarious stand up all over.   LeeAnn gets to know these two talented, funny, and WILD women! 

We talk about everything from roller skating to sexting to vagina charts!  We discuss Bobbie’s sexting inspired art piece to be titled “the cock block”, learn about Sally’s Oscar the Grouch fetish, and determine that porn stars should be allowed to sing badly in public, too.

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