LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy Ep. 9 Let’s play ‘Pretend You’re Gonna Leave Me’

Broadcasting with Nina Manni is a wild ride made extra fun with co-host Alan Aymie! We chat about comedy, kids, and rat experiments. (I know, I know – every podcast’s got a rat experiment story, but this one’s different)! Nina gives us some insider info on the AVN awards while Alan, being a good husband, doesn’t know what the AVN Awards are about. We learn that Nina wants her friends to be sluts, Alan has thought about a move from teaching to fast food manager, and LeeAnn can get overly enthusiastic about sausage biscuits. We talk relationships and marriage. We discuss make-up sex and Nina convinces us that you can get the same feeling by playing ‘pretend you’re gonna leave me’. We cover everything from opera to Vegas male strippers in this show and the laughs keep coming!

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