LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep. 10: Stained By A Spider

This week’s guest, Amy Witry, keeps LeeAnn laughing the entire show! Amy and LeeAnn learn they have much more in common than just carbs and diet coke. It quickly becomes apparent that these two should’ve partnered up as kids to run clown & dancing shows out of Witry’s backyard. The two reminisce about childhood: how Amy’s low-ranking neighborhood status relegated her to the role of gas station attendant in the bicycle re-enactment of the Dukes of Hazard and LeeAnn is lucky her brother still loves her after the prankster roles she made him play growing up. Amy uncovers a pizza delivery ‘Parm Ball Scam’ leading her to establish the throat-punch-if-no-dipping-sauce rule. And everybody is happy to know that Amy’s arm is healthy again after it birthed a few baby spiders. We analyze dreams, break down sports bras, and hatch a plan to extinguish the world of roaches and silver fish. Tune in for some serious laughs with Amy Witry in this show and then check out her Saints Novelty Sports Song on itunes titled “Who Dat Tru Dat” !

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