LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 11: “I’ll Make Them Wear Loincloths”

This week’s guest, Kristen Nedopak, is quite possibly the hardest working geek in LA! She schools us about all kinds of geekiness from role-playing video games to The Geekie Awards and makes me an honorary geek! We learn a lot about Kristen straight out the gate, as she defines a ‘work space’ as “when you have wine”. Kristen talks about the webseries she directed and how casting LeeAnn as a socially inappropriate woman was typecasting (since the character discusses her vagina). Both Kristen and LeeAnn really share some $h*t!

As it turns out, Kristen’s a big corset wearer who like whips! LeeAnn discusses Botox admitting that her vanity actually won over the fear of a neurological disorder. And both ladies agree it never hurts to have more pussy jokes. We discuss Kristen’s exciting projects, talk Vampires and hunky Australians, and talk a little Hollywood gossip to boot. You will be entertained!

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