LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 13: White Girl from a Nice Family

LeeAnn’s guest this week is Mary Patterson – a comic, actress, and writer born and raised in Alabama.  This artist, formerly known as Mary Patterson Broome, phased out the “Broome” and hit the road!  She fills us in on her exciting life on the road which apparently includes checking the hotel beds for pubes and attending swingers’ parties – who knew?  In discussing night life, it becomes clear that LeeAnn is still holding on a little too tightly to that one good night at Karaoke (which is pretty embarrassing), but then Mary Patterson admits to wearing jeans and a sweater to a dance club recently, so it all evens out.  Mary Patterson teaches us about Blue Moon beer and that waiting a few dates before you Google stalk is just good manners.  We agree that everybody needs an alter ego rap name and discuss everything from auras to personal safety.  And we learn all kinds of interesting things about Mary Patterson – like her belief that a bag of herbs can kill a man.  Tune in for a good time!

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