LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 15: I’d Like It If You’d Call Me Pocahontas

This week’s guest, Lisa Gopman, is a comedian, actress, writer, and paparazzi!  Her self described “crazy/whacky” life has LeeAnn laughing the whole hour.  Lisa shares her Comedy Central experience, gives us the “DL” on D.L. Hughley, and we find out what makes her parade around in a bathrobe from the W.  We learn some interesting stuff like sometimes a pie in your face is a dream come true and apparently being hung over at the Price is Right may get you free exotic travel.  Lisa talks about her college days which involved becoming a chola (naturally) and rooming with a girl that thinks she’s Pocahontas.  Lisa and LeeAnn reminisce about learning to Create-a-Country, discuss the need for a globe that holds cocktails, and try to out brag each other’s sucky geography skills.  The two cover everything from celebrity sightings to Lisa’s 90210 obsession and have a blast doing it!

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