LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep. 16: You Two Are So Slutty

This week, we had a ‘threesome of funny’ with guests Eric Hahn and Traci Stumpf!  Traci is a comic, writer, and entertainment host. Guest co-host and mutual friend, Eric, is also a comic/writer and produces comedy shows as well.  These two don’t hold anything back! Right off the bat, Eric sees LeeAnn’s ‘dominatrix’ side and we find out why Traci’s sext gets an LOL.  They don’t just bring the funny, these two also drop all kinds of wisdom: Traci lets us know that secrets come out on road trips and Eric explains that water fixes everything. Traci’s red carpet hosting gig sounds amazing and of her celebrity interviews, we learn which celebrity she describes as a small little glow worm.  Then things get nutty when Eric busts out his pocket gay best friend.  From pee stories to sex parties, this episode is a funny over-share for sure!

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