LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 17: Poke the Dog with a Stick!

My guest this week is writer and comedian, Tamer Kattan.  Tamer’s also Egyptian which LeeAnn thinks is magical.  Tamer clarifies that it IS magical because “when you’re starving, you hallucinate”. Taping this episode the day after the Mayan apocalypse, the two discuss end of the world thoughts. Tamer explains that the Mayans really just “copied” the Egyptians equating Egyptians to the iphone and Mayans to the Android.  Tamer was bullied as a child and used comedy to fight back leading to a discussion about the use of comedy as a weapon of the underdog. We learn some interesting things about these two: Tamer would have no problem eating off LeeAnn’s kitchen floor and LeeAnn has some serious road rage issues.  LeeAnn reveals a dislike of “white man cops” and Tamer thinks the desire to wear boots to the knee says a lot about officers today.  Tamer talks about hecklers, getting his first death threat, and much much more!          


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