LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 21: You Can’t Just Call Yourself ‘Epic’!

This week’s guest was California’s Funniest Female, Shelagh Ratner, and she certainly proves that she is deserving of the title.  Shelagh has LeeAnn laughing about everything from malapropisms (just say “Cloud 10” if you’re looking to annoy her) to doing crowd work during therapy. She talks about having moved around a lot during childhood (to different countries) and how that has influenced her humor.  Shelagh says she learned to adapt quickly – “Do you like it here?  Have you learned the language? Ok, pack your bags.”  Shelagh shares the horror of youtube comments – after having posted a stand-up performance, she was described in a comment as a “young Rodney Dangerfield and an even younger Betty White”.  In describing her physical appearance, Shelagh explains that between Angelina Jolie and Roseanne Barr, she lies somewhere in the middle.  She’s a “hero” of comedy and after listening, you’ll see why!  Tune in!

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