LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 22: I Was In. I Was Out. Nobody Got Hurt.

The multi-talented Erin Brown (comedian, actor, writer, host) was this week’s guest and it was a wild ride!

Erin and LeeAnn talk about Erin’s red carpet, the hilarity of pants and a top, and Erin’s multiple meetings with Tom Hanks.  The ladies ponder the benefits of Erin’s safety scrunchies and discover they have much in common.  Erin and LeeAnn have both been called neurotic and both had a childhood fear of Mister Rogers.  It’s like twins, right?  They discuss everything from Erin hanging out with Mrs. Brady to the significance of yellow cars.  Ultimately, LeeAnn and Erin got creative and came up with a book idea and created a commercial for their ‘Neurotic Jeans’.  Tune in for the funny!


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