LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 23: If You’re at a Campsite, It’s Not Homeless

Comedians Bob Kitson, Ron Swallow, & Ryan Talmo are this week’s guests.  They talk about Bob’s upcoming Live CD Recording show when Bob will be recording his CD “Laughing in the Dark” and Ryan, Ron, and LeeAnn are all performing as well.  The guys really open up on the show.  They share various traumas, like when Ron’s sister made him dance to Cyndi Lauper or Bob’s mom thought he was into the devil.  And Ryan opens up about how one can lose the magic of porn – after all, you can only crop so many dicks.  LeeAnn and the guys discuss everything from high school memories to porn, making each other laugh the whole time.  Tune in for all the shenanigans!

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