LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 25: Don’t Fall Off Your Bed, Eh

Comedian Erin Brown co-hosts this week with LeeAnn and they welcome Actress Darla Fay to the show.  Darla, Erin, and LeeAnn talk acting and comedy and like the ladies they are, the three share drinking stories (the kind that involve vomit).  The Juno and Love Happens actress opens up right away explaining she can be kind of “hard core” and shares how many Caesar drinks it takes before she gets topless. Darla and LeeAnn both get excitable when they realize they share a love of true crime shows and agree that now they know how to get away with murder.  We catch up on Erin’s Hot Red Carpet Oscar adventures, find out that she’s been working out with Leprechauns, and that she uses the nanny cam when Darla comes to visit.  The three talk about everything from Facebook to napping under desks and have a blast together!  Tune in for the fun!

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