LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 26: I Want This Meltdown To Have A Backstory!


Comedian Amy Witry is back on the show this week and LeeAnn is thrilled that Amy could make it despite her heavy interpretative dance schedule. The ladies talk boobs a bit as they are both participating in the MZ & Emmers Autographed Sports Bra Auction to Benefit Breast Cancer Awareness.  We hear the story of Amy’s tailbone injury complete with a guy named Skate Dog and LeeAnn recounts calling “time!” in her recent audition.  Amy and LeeAnn talk about dolls without heads, eating paper, and other prospective paths to stardom.  After some discussion, the two decide that the key components to a good fantasy are saving lives, having orgasms, and promoting your comedy website.  They laugh throughout the show and they’ll keep you laughing too!

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