The D Word – Ep. 15: Deep Chamber Shoot & Scoot!

It’s a very special week!  Dina is joined by Hot Tattooed Daddy (of 2) T-Shirt Model, Chef and Fire Arm Expert, Josh Peasnick! They kick around some pretty bad ass topics this week.  Of course Kim Kardashian comes up (That fat bitch…Oh, she’s not fat?  She’s Pregnant?), Kris Humphries,  Timothy Kurek, Bat Girl, Ann Coulter, Megan McCain, Cindy McCain and of course Gun Control measures being put forth to congress.  Oh, and as promised…the Dramatic Reading of Amanda Bynes Twitter Feed!

Don’t forget to weigh in by emailing TheDWord(at)  We’d love to hear from you and by all means send us your nominations for the “Dick Of The Week”!


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