LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 28: Why Don’t You Google ‘Closure’ ?!?

This week was a reunion episode of sorts as LeeAnn welcomes back her very first guest, comedian Amy Claire, to the show.  Amy and LeeAnn talk about dating, happiness, and weddings… but don’t worry these two can’t talk for an hour without some crazy coming out.  LeeAnn discloses her core belief that to have good things, she must first suffer and Amy explains that with the wrong therapist, therapy can be like doing a tight 60 minute set.  We hear about some exciting things in Amy’s life including a gig that took her to South Africa and officiating weddings on the side.  These two talk about everything from asbestos to international sex tapes, so there’s truly something for everyone!  Grab a drink, press play, and enjoy the funny of Miss Amy Claire!LTINC_28

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