LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 29: Don’t Expect Much From Text!

LTINC_29LeeAnn welcomes Shelby Stockton back to the show and the two immediately bond over their history of loud bossy cheerleading days in Texas.  We hear about Shelby’s adventures in Paris that inspired her one woman show and she explains that French men feel more than the rest of us.  Shelby also reveals her desire to be the next Ms. Manners complete with catchy ‘manners slogans’.  So much happens in this show!  This is the episode where the idea of LeeAnn’s 80’s lipsyncing show (tentatively titled Costume Somethin’) is born; and Shelby decides she will reincarnate as a model.  LeeAnn and Shelby talk everything from eating starches to open marriages. Tune in for the fun and you’ll get to hear Shelbys say things like “If I’ve seen a tit, I’ve seen ‘em all”.  Don’t miss it!

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