LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 30: Bring me the Good Heroin

LeeAnn and her guest, Liz Stewart, start the show on ‘comic time’ this week but the wild ride is worth the wait.  LeeAnn and Liz have much in common – both are Houstonians, cat lovers, and tell jokes in hopes of achieving money and power.  Liz is full of surprises from the beginning!  We discover that she’s not only a funny comedian, writer, improviser, actor, and producer but she’s also an opera singer(!) and LeeAnn gets Liz to give us an operatic sampling.  We find out about Liz getting naked with her sketch group cast members and she shares her Shelagh Ratner impression.  We get to hear Liz drop some knowledge on LeeAnn – like how to blind a man, that Octopi are smarter than dogs, and so much more!  Tune in, kick back, and get your laugh on!LTINC_30

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