LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 33: Grab a Bat or a Hammer, But Never a Knife

LTINC_33LeeAnn’s guest this week, Abbey Londer, is not just an actor, writer, and comedian; but she’s also the creator of the hugely successful RIOT LA Comedy Festival.  Abbey and LeeAnn reminisce about their friendship which Abbey explains escalated quickly from calling each other ‘bitch’.  Abbey isn’t shy, sharing that she spent some time in a Jesus Camp and that her Dad’s wife stole her underwear.  She admits to being angry 85% of the time and reveals that her Dad was in jail on Father’s Day.  LeeAnn and Abbey put their heads together and come up with a detailed escape plan in the event of a zombie apacolypse, which includes pimping out their mutual friends.  In LeeAnn’s new and unnamed segment, we learn some exciting personal stuff about Abbey and discuss the perils of washcloths.  LeeAnn and Abbey talk about all kinds of things and touch on all the big topics: religion, love, money, and boners. So, there’s truly something for everyone – take a listen!

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