LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 34: Peek A Boo! I Spy A Lunatic!


This week, LeeAnn has actor, comedian, and writer, Katie Massa Kennedy on the show and right off the bat, the two have a lot in common.  You know, like Katie is married and has a child and LeeAnn is single and frightens children.  We learn that Katie is the typical mom: she reports dead body findings to the police, turns into a cougar over the Jonas Brothers, and even inspired one young lady to succeed in law school just by being a donkey.  We talk about Katie’s voice-over work and laugh as she morphs from Hannah Montana to creepy cougar to her Mother from Queens.  Katie shares what it was like writing for Joan Rivers and tells us about her experience writing and performing “Subway Soaps”, an episodic that she performed live from car to car on the subway in New York.  There’s never a dull moment in this episode as LeeAnn and Katie share their opinions on everything from multi-vitamins to tanning with vegtable oil.  Take a listen and enjoy!

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