LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 35: That Big Nose Came in Handy!


This week, LeeAnn has comedian, actor, TV host, and good friend, Matthew Nouriel on the show.  LeeAnn talks about how everyone loves Matthew (even her own co-workers) and this leads Matthew & LeeAnn to determine that LeeAnn’s demographic must be drunk, straight males over the age of 45. Matthew talks about world travel (Israel is a party city!), nose jobs (crazy sexual rampages after surgery!), and working with really talented people (Burger King Commercials!).  LeeAnn, newly gluten-free, acknowledges that youtube has replaced bread for numbing her feelings.  Matthew shares that he has a newfound love of yoga, despite all the feet.  These two are all over the place touching on topics like gaydar, showering with others, and even Scientology! Tune in for the ride!

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