LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 36: When You Havin’ A Fried Chicken Invitational?


This week’s special guest, Sharon Houston, is a comic, actress, producer, writer, and tequila drinker. And she’s hilarious! LeeAnn and Sharon start the show talking about Sharon’s great armpits and that leads seamlessly to a discussion about fried chicken. The two find common ground right off the bat – each having had a meltdown incident at a local BevMo. Sharon gives us a glimpse of daytime court tv’s behind the scenes action and reveals what it’s like working on a hidden camera show. The ladies talk divorce court (it makes Sharon feel dirty) and discuss how people lose their damn minds when their hearts get broken. LeeAnn & Sharon cover a little bit of everything – from surgery to tarot cards to Dave Chapelle and back – it’s quite a ride!

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