LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 39: Dick Jokes for Rich Folks


It was a room full of funny this week with comedians Hailey Boyle and Gail Gramlich on the show.  LeeAnn, Hailey, and Gail break down everything from prison rules to yurts.  They open up about dating and we learn what Haley considers a “meaty man” and why Gail doesn’t want anyone bugging her right now.  Hailey and LeeAnn discuss pick axes and meat tenderizers as weapons and Gail admits that her mother loved her.  We learn the one topic that Hailey considers off-limits, LeeAnn confirms that smoking hookah is not smoking fruit vapors, and Gail explains that meeting men while bartending really works out.  This was an eventful episode – we even coined the phrase “passenger pillow”!  Tune in for all the funny!

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