LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 40: The Show Must Go On

There are a lot of laughs and surprises in this episode with comedians Rick Izquieta & Nicky Bernal!  Rick shares his recent experience performing on the Starz channel and explains why he’s famous in HR departments world-wide.  We learn some impressive things about Nicky like working for NASA, playing college softball, and singing commercials.  She’s also one of Rick’s co-hosts on his show IZ Radio Time so these two are a riot!  LeeAnn, Rick, & Nicky make each other laugh the whole show.  LeeAnn explains that it’s easy to be clean when you’re depressed, Nicky comes up with the invention of “Manx” based on her desire to put Rick in Spanx, and Rick explains how he wound up being on the bottom of a pile of guys.  These three are all over the place!  They weigh in on Kanye’s latest comments and cover everything from toilets to satanists.  Tune in for the funny – you will be entertained!  LTINC_40

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