LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 41: My Mom Has a Boy Haircut

This episode is a reunion of sorts as comedian, show host, and show producer, Dina Martinez comes back on the show having recently returned from Wisconsin.  Also on the show is comedian and sketch comedy writer/performer, Sean Leary. The three break down ride-sharing services, Lyft and Uber.  Sean likes Lyft while LeeAnn prefers Uber and they determine Lyft is for people who like talking to other people and Uber…is not.  Dina talks about moving back from Wisconsin, her recent house sitting adventures, and her ability to kill all plant life.  Sean talks about his bald head, dressing up as Pit Bull, and beer-butt chicken.  We hear about Sean’s experience winning the 2013 Ice House Talent Showcase and learn that both Sean and LeeAnn are competing in the upcoming San Diego Comedy Festival.  It’s an episode packed with fun!  Sure things get a little weird when LeeAnn brings up satanic imagery in music videos and Dina talks about aliens, but weirdness can be so fun! 


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