LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep. 44: Let’s Just Drop Our Balls

Three talented & funny guys are about to embark on their Wellspoken Comedy Tour and stopped in with LeeAnn to deliver some pre-tour laughs! Special guests, Gavin Yates, Myke Wright, & Mateen Stewart are on the show and talk about their exciting tour – we get the scoop on who should travel with breathe right strips and whose dietary restrictions will likely destroy the group. We learn which guy is the diva of the group and which guy was smart enough to advocate for planes over cars. You’ll hear about Mateen’s phone addiction, Myke’s cat, and Gavin’s prediction of the decline of Facebook. All the fun leads LeeAnn to challenge the comedy trio to a post-tour dance off which the guys found hilarious and LeeAnn has already started practicing for… Stay tuned for the dance-off details and listen now for all the funny!


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