LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 46: Honey, Where Are Those Little Bowls?

What happens when four funny people are in the same comedy festival?  A hotel room episode of LeeAnn Tooker is Not Crazy, that’s what!  LeeAnn’s friends and fellow festival performers Joey Barone, Myke Wright & David Nieker gather around her hotel room table in Sacramento and talk about competing, overthinking, and staying in a hotel room with the word ‘vag’ in the name.  We hear about David’s early movie success (Wildcats!), find out what kind of guy prank calls his 92 year old grandma (Joey!), and discover what Elk Grove truckers think about Myke.  Everyone’s on board about aliens, but ghosts divide the group.  Myke does a Wanda Sykes impression and a celebrity rap battle plan begins to form! Tune in for all this funny and then some!


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