LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep. 48: The British Invasion

LeeAnn welcomes the super talented Sally Mullins and David Conolly to the show and these Brits are a lot of fun! Having recently performed overseas in the Zero Dork Nerdy tour for the armed forces, Sally talks about the tour from sex, to baby sea turtles, to bikini/vodka shopping, and back to sex.  Apparently, the bar used to measure a tour’s success is whether or not there was any vomiting.  LeeAnn and David find common ground, discussing their performances in the Seattle International Comedy Competition as well as sharing embarrassing acting gigs.  We also hear about David’s experience in the Cabo Comedy Competition and taping for Nuvo TV.  Sally and David break down the usage of English vs British, explain David’s need for an American version of an English accent, and share their strong feelings about Margaret Thatcher.  These two talk about their involvement in other exciting projects (parody webisodes! movies!)… And there’s so much more from these guys – listen now to get all the funny!


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