LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 49: Would You Mind Stiffening Up?

Comedians Cyrus Naderpour and Vicki Wagner are on the show this week and they are full of surprises!  Who knew that before the long hair, Cyrus was an accountant and he moved to LA to pursue the grown-up dream of online advertising, which he hated? Cyrus lets us know that he’s happy now – driving for Lyft and telling dick jokes to strangers. Vicki reveals that she used to be a high limits Black Jack dealer in a riverboat casino and we get the inside scoop on gambling, tips, counting cards, and assholes.  We hear about Cyrus’s recent role as “creepy photographer” and he explains that his hair can go one of two ways – creepy or dashing.  Both Cyrus and LeeAnn decide that Vicki would be a great wingman and we hear about Vicki’s web show ‘Lesbian Knows Best’.  Vicki explains her advice to straight folks and we’re not gonna lie, there is a bit of dick talk here… they cover the topic from medical issues to dick pics and include a reference to the touring show, Puppetry of the Penis. They get deep and stay silly – whether these guys are talking about the importance of having a dream or that lesbians started the trucker hat movement, you’ll be laughing!  Listen now and get your laugh on!


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