LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy – Ep 50: But He Wasn’t Driving!!!

The 50TH EPISODE!!!  There is no better combo for our 50th Episode than Comedian/Actor, Aidan Park and Fetish Model/Actress, Paris Kennedy!  LeeAnn, Aidan, and Paris do not disappoint…  The three make it clear that they will do “anything” for twitter followers (think boob pics!), they all want to dabble in phone sex, and believe that calling a guy “mister” is hot.  In this episode, there’s a heated discussion about Paul Walker’s death, talk of refrigerated condoms, and many money-making schemes hatched and that’s just the beginning!  Tune in to hear about Paris wrestling, Aidan cooking, and LeeAnn being a sassy bailiff and much more!


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