LeeAnn Tooker Is Not Crazy

“LeeAnn Tooker is Not Crazy” is DiGN2It Radio’s regularly aired podcast with stand-up comedian, LeeAnn Tooker, that is sure to demonstrate that laughter is the best medicine. LeeAnn and her guests will weigh in on current affairs, topical issues, and what’s happening today with refreshing and hilarious viewpoints. You might think she’s crazy, but she’s not.

About LeeAnn:

LeeAnn Tooker is a Los Angeles based actor, writer, and stand-up comedian originally from Texas.  As a stand-up comedian LeeAnn writes strong, original material revealing the thoughts of her over-analytical brain and she shares this perspective on stage much to the delight of audiences.  LeeAnn has opened for comedian Colin Kane, performed with Lisa Sundstedt’s female stand-up show ‘Pretty Funny Women’ and worked as audience warm-up for Adam Corolla’s ‘The Car Show’.  She was a Best of Fest winner in the Eagle Rock Comedy Festival and was a finalist in the 2014 San Diego Comedy Festival.  LeeAnn is also creator, writer, and host of her show “LeeAnn Tooker is Not Crazy” which is broadcast live regularly on DiGN2it Radio & available on itunes.  LeeAnn has written and acted in sketch comedy and contributes to various web projects.  She co-produces a stand-up show in Los Angeles, and performs stand-up regularly at comedy clubs, casinos, bars, (a boat once!) and the occasional family reunion in California and neighboring states.


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